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New applications: Our products currently commercially available.

Characters with
unique characteristics.



Application example

This applicator with an especially
large head is an exclusive new development 
for a leading cosmetics manufacturer, which is currently sold on the market. It is the creative proof of the functionality of JFA applicators, even in other cosmetic areas of application than the classic applications for lipgloss, eyeliner and eyelash products. The foundation applicator enables product differentiation and offers excellent characteristics for even and exact application of foundation.

In cooperation with and exclusively manufactured for HCP.


Application example

It is essential for this applicator to apply the cosmetic mass to the lips in a long-lasting way. Perfect make up all day long. The strongly sloping applicator area enables a thin and even, precise application of the sealing, which emphasizes both colour shade and the moisturizing effect.

In cooperation with and exclusively manufactured for HCP.

Application example

The flocked and brush-like applicator
is unique in this sector. It ensures a beautiful, natural look with perfect contours.
Sparing application is possible, so that even the finest eyebrows can be built up precisely and brushed into shape. With a precise tip, this applicator is the optimum tool and an all-rounder for the appealing application of eyebrow cosmetics.



Application example

Fine applicator for optimum emphasis of the eye contour with liquid eyeliner. The precise application ensures glamorous eye makeup. Gently wipe the applicator against the neck of the container before application. Shape and flock thickness enable a thin, natural eyeliner directly on the eyelashes. For a more dramatic look, it can be drawn on slightly stronger. The eyeliner with vegan cosmetic mass is currently commercially available.


Application example

Applicator for a moisturising lipgloss with particularly intensive, gloss typical and long-lasting shimmer. Perfect gloss and colour. The emulating oils that it contains give the gloss its creamy, light and moisturising texture. Here, full area, modulating application, with exact contouring at the same time, is important for beautiful lip make up.


Application example
eyelash cosmetics

The applicator for an innovative eyelash care balm has a brush-like effect by adjusting the fibre thickness, with the feature that it can fit very closely to eyelashes. This means that the care product can be applied optimally and effectively. This applicator can also be perfectly adjusted for mascara.

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